Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Garden Mystery

The sun was high and bright today, the crisp air a needed tonic from weekend chores when I decided to pop outside for a spot of gardening. I thought I might push 'round some fallen leaves, scrape the trowel over some weeds, and feel generally invigorated by outdoor work. With the boots on and hair piled out of the way, I was mighty surprised to step outside and find my little plot overgrown with these pesky weeds:

Piggiwiggia Pyramidalis Phattfacia Stupenda

Cockatooca Superba Bottlephorkia Spoonifolia

An invasive species, wouldn't you say! A bit of research has turned up their Latin roots, but I wonder if their literal stocks will be harder to yank out? And I wonder if any of you have experienced a blight of Cockatooca Superba or Bottlephorkia Spoonifolia? Shall we make it into a little game? Yes, we shall. The first reader to correctly identify the origins of this bit of verdure gets a well-deserved mention!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bit of a Ramble...

Got into a spot of trouble at the post office yesterday... As I have, perhaps foolhardily, resubscribed to a number of lapsed magazine subscriptions (and added a number more, too) my wee little box was crammed full with October/November issues when I excitedly wrenched it open yesterday evening. So full was it that, at the risk of losing a nail, I had to get down on my knees and actually yank my Vogue, W, and Town & Country out from their metal prison. Unfortunately, there was a casualty: Martha fell back into the abyss of the post office sorting area! I was saved by my friendly postman who cheerily trotted back to get her.

Anyway, this story leads me in a round about way to today's post: "What I Gleaned From the September Issue of Vogue (so far)." Having all these new magazines has led me to frantically finish September's (or I will be reading about Christmas trees in February).

What I have discovered is the Conde Nast Store, a very extensive resource of art prints from the magazine conglomerate that can be bought online (and framed, to boot). For example, they offer:

Pretty darn stylish, I must say. They also have a blog that offers "an insider's view into the wealth of images" held in the collection.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Look What I Won!

Winning a contest was a super way to start Olive's week! This "Poppy Leaves" coffee cup cozy from CuteCozy will keep her Pumpkin Spice Lattes extra toasty. And now she won't have to use the one she bought for her sister last Christmas. Karmic, don't you think?


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