Monday, December 17, 2007

A Winter Walk

A Happy New Year to all my readers! What are your resolutions? Mine include writing more entries for this blog!

For most of us, the holidays and the flurry of activity that accompanies them has ended. We are left with our presents, too much shortbread and, hopefully, memorable moments to be stored away and thought of throughout the year.

Now is the time for cleansing. I awoke this morning with a pressing need to tear my bedroom closet apart and rid myself of the excess stuff that had begun to possess the possessor. Sadly, even after I had finished that task I had only to peek my head into the upstairs hall to see more of the same. I think it is time for a break.

Don those mittens and join me for a winter stroll. To my mind there are few seasons that offer so much natural beauty and satisfaction as winter. What, you implore? Winter, the season of bleakness and chills, worthy only to be viewed from behind a pane of glass. True, possibly. But what of these sights:

The wonder of a line of trees,
laid bare against winter's snowy

The hardiness of even the
smallest creatures against
the season's severity.

And, finally, the echoing stillness
only new fallen snow can create.

Yes, perhaps your nose will be red and your toes numb, but aren't these sights worth it?


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