Monday, February 8, 2010

Stop Press!

We shall return to sensory delights soon, but Olive had to share her day's activities with you!

As she resides just outside of Vancouver, Olive is awash in all things Olympics these days. As such, when the Olympic flame passed by her house today, she gleefully put on a pair of the famous red mittens (no matter that it was quite warm and her daffodils were popping up) and cheered on the torchbearers! She was rather awed by the thought of the flame, lit in Greece in October and having travelled all the way across Canada.

And so today's fun little question... Which of these is your favourite Olympic mascot? Olive loves Mukmuk, the round little marmot.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sensory Delights: Yours!

In honour of her much-appreciated readers, some of your favourite sensory delights! Olive is in full agreement with them both.

After a long day, Olive often enjoys warm milk flavoured with aromatic vanilla. Let milk gently simmer (no boiling), then add vanilla extract or the seeds themselves.


Its strong, sweet scent hides the fact that gardenia are actually part of the coffee family. Most appropriately for this time of year, gardenia symbolizes secret love. As an aside, pop over here to read what other kinds of love different flowers symbolize. Olive wouldn't mind a bunch of blue bells...

Click images for sources.
Vanilla information: wikipedia.
Gardenia: here

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sensory Delights: Sound

The moan of doves in immemorial elms,
And murmuring of innumerable bees.

- from "Come Down, O Maid" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The languid onomatopoeia of these lines of poetry have never ceased to fill me with the most glorious feeling of ease and warmth. One can imagine the delight of a summer's afternoon, still early enough that time stretches before you, unhindered by worldly concerns. The distant drone of bees slips you into a luscious slumber...

Image: Rodney Smith

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sensory Delights

That little gem of a phrase "a few scattered pleasures" from Monday's post has stuck with Olive all week. Yes, yes, we were being told to seek more than ephemeral joy, but it's rather tricky to find complete life happiness! While she waits for an epiphany, Olive is enjoying gathering together a collection of sensory joys which, when added together, perhaps are what will make life happy to the "whole amount."

From bits of poetry to subtle scents, Olive shall share with you the sensory delights of her life. She does require something in return, however: the sensory joys that thrill you! Do share, please.

Image: We Heart It

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday's Thought

"The important question is not, what will yield to man a few scattered pleasures, but what will render his life happy on the whole amount."

-- Joseph Addison

Olive has been considering happiness lately, its unexpectedness, elusiveness and sheer mystery. Many, many things give her "a few scattered pleasure." (Lately? The smell of matches just lit). Yet, she wonders. What will offer the most lifelong and satisfactory happiness? Perhaps her readers could share their thoughts!

This quote arrived one happy day in Olive's inbox via the appropriately named blog (and book) The Happiness Project. Thoughtfully and intelligently written, it's well worth a close look.

Image: Vi.sualize


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