Friday, March 20, 2009

"In the cherry blossom's shade there's no such thing as a stranger" - Issa

When Olive was but a wee thing, her mom took a moment from anxiously looking down at her new baby and gazed out her maternity room window at a huge flowering cherry tree in full bloom.

Maybe it's this sweet memory, but Olive adores cherry blossoms! So transient and delicate, they soften the landscape and blanket the ground in a puffy spray of blooms. And so, the minute you see a peep of colour, Olive suggests the following:

Trim some smaller branches and pop them in a vase. Choose ones that aren't perfect; crooks and bends create graphic charm. For the vase, something ceramic and hefty but plainly decorated nicely compliments the delicacy of the blooms.

Ah, so the only blossoms available in your neighbourhood are in the public park. Barring a late night run with some shears (Olive does not recommend), we suggest your camera instead. Snap close up bunches of blooms and enjoy them as a desktop background or blow them up for a thoroughly unique bit of art. Few flowers are as pretty and modern.

Be thoroughly romantic and drag someone kissable off for a picnic under the blushing canopy and onto the prettiest bed imaginable. Spread good thick blankets and drink warm lavender infused milk. It's still early spring, but revel in the life the blossoms promise.

Check back during the height of cherry blossoms season (beginning around the end of March) to how Olive celebrates their arrival!

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Anonymous said...

I definitely will take someone 'kissable' for a picnic under the trees! This post gives me hope that Spring really is just around the corner!


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