Sunday, March 29, 2009

Come Away...

Happy Monday Morning!

What, you are still in a post-weekend fog? Don't feel like facing real life yet? Well then, come along with Olive on a little morning jaunt...

The Mediterranean... About 9am. Awoken by the lapping of fishing boats outside your window, you decide to throw off the muddled sheets of the night and go for a swim. Breakfast won't be served for forty-five anyway.

A quick change, a big towel. And don't forget the swimming cap. Sleeping on all those sponge rollers last night will be for naught if they're soaked with sea water.

Oh that was lovely! Warm, but refreshing enough to brighten up for the day. It's time for a quick scrub up. The sand slides from your toes as you hungrily imagine your meal ahead. Toast with honey and feta and then your favorite: plump figs. Coffee to finish.

Hurry and dry off! That all sounds too delicious to wait any longer.
Best to wear that little sundress with the yellow flowers; it feels hot already.

Yikes! Where is the aforementioned frock? It's that silly son of Alexander, one of the fishermen. That's three mornings in a row he's run off with your outfit. At least he always returns it after lunch. Oh well, just wrap that large bath sheet around you and hope that gentleman who arrived last night isn't up yet...

Images from Toast

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