Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Write with Me

Sit at your desk. Good. Now write!

Ah were it only that easy. Before anything readable can even start to emerge on your blank page, you need something especially pleasing to write with! Olive suggests the following:

1940s Royal Quiet De Luxe Typewriter
from etsy's Poetic Home.
(you have to read their description of this typewriter - your finger will inch toward the 'add to cart' button with every word)

Somehow this darling little machine, with it's dusky salmon case brings to mind writing illicit love letters at the Ritz, champagne casually in hand. Not for you the rush of rhapsodic verse a fountain pen brings about. No, your letter would be off-hand, yet tastefully suggestive... just like yourself.

Greta Garbo Fountain Pen

This is the kind of pen, I'm almost sorry to say, that would inspire the "I'm yours, and yours only" sort of note. You grab it during your lunch hour and furiously untwist cap, heedless of the ink that has just splattered your sweet new blouse. Really, this sort of unbridled writing can't end well, for you or your wardrobe.

Classic HB Pencil

Surely there is some implement that won't induce hysterical missives. We need a practical, straightforward, in-control sort of writing device... Oh yes, the HB. Now here's a pencil that allows you to really get somewhere in life. What courses to take at your choice of Ivy League college? Crisply written and done. Charitable function written in your diary? Duly noted.


Grace@PoeticHome said...

What a gorgeous pen!! I'm absolutely enamored by it. I have a Mont Blanc, but I wish it was this one. I would certainly pen many more thank you notes this way.

Thank you for your thoughtful feature and kindest words about the writing machine. I am always happy to meet others who share the same appreciation for typewriters!

Lily@TheLilyPad said...

Once upon a time I had a 1930's Royal typewriter.....such character. It made one want to sit and 'peck' away at a novel, up in a turret with tea in hand.

Olive said...


I adore that: "it made one want to sit and 'peck' away at a novel, up in a turret with tea in hand." May I quote you sometime? (Send me an email: olivewritesblog@gmail.com)


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