Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Halloween is the most forgiving of the holidays, isn't it? You need not obsess over gifts; if your outfit is a little torn, a little scandalous, even downright hideous, no one will raise an eyebrow; even the house can be left a little dusty! This is Olive's kind of holiday. Such a day deserves a week of hallowed devotion. And so, let the ghosts and ghouls emerge! For darling's, it's Halloween week at Olive Writes.


Jo said...

Halloween is indeed one of my favourite holidays!
Time to put on the glitz and glam!

Anonymous said...

Hi Olive -- I love this photo! Do you know who owns the copyright? I'd really like to use it for a mailer for our music store. It totally captures the vibe of our store. If you know anything..I would love to know. Thanks, Ann! www.musicgoroundlilburn.com


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