Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sensory Delights: Yours!

In honour of her much-appreciated readers, some of your favourite sensory delights! Olive is in full agreement with them both.

After a long day, Olive often enjoys warm milk flavoured with aromatic vanilla. Let milk gently simmer (no boiling), then add vanilla extract or the seeds themselves.


Its strong, sweet scent hides the fact that gardenia are actually part of the coffee family. Most appropriately for this time of year, gardenia symbolizes secret love. As an aside, pop over here to read what other kinds of love different flowers symbolize. Olive wouldn't mind a bunch of blue bells...

Click images for sources.
Vanilla information: wikipedia.
Gardenia: here


slommler said...

That was a fun read about flowers and their meanings. I had to laugh when I read about Poppies. They mean pleasure. LOL!! They sure do!

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