Thursday, April 19, 2012

Read With Me

You must all know by now that Olive is, first and foremost and forever, a reader. Raised on a diet of Nancy Drew and Anne Shirley, tremulously stepping into adulthood with the help of Jane Eyre and Bertie Wooster (disparate, she knows), and flowering (hopefully) under the watchful eye of dear Hemingway, Chandler, and Fitzgerald (where to stop?), there is a good reason Olive owns seven pairs of glasses.

Thus, it was probably inevitable that the Olive tree should spring a new branch. Indeed, it is with great pleasure, and not a little bit of parental pride, that Olive is pleased to present... Olive Reads! Here she shall continue those "genial voyages of imagination and elegance," but with a more literary bent. Please do pop over for a visit! There is a special place reserved for original visitors to the Olive universe, those fellow travelers just like yourself.

With a nose soon to pop back in her book,

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