Thursday, November 26, 2009

Handmade: Silhouette Portraits

While most of Olive's elvish friends are busy working away on train sets and rocking horses, board games and windup toys, she has managed to steal a couple sprites from St. Nick's bench to assist with her first homemade gift: silhouette portraits!

So smart and dignified, isn't she? Sip your Earl Grey tea with honey whilst creating either a two-tone or traditional black silhouette using Photoshop. For a bit more tactile satisfaction, snip your way to a finished product. Of course, if you are already drowning in a sea of ribbons, shopping and baking, simply...

Custom Cut Silhouette
Paper Cuts by Joe

...order a portrait! Paper Cuts by Joe creates hand-cut silhouette portraits with an easy "add to cart" click.

At last, a portrait Olive is happy to sit for. Didn't you notice, it requires neither makeup nor perfectly coiffed hair, an outfit choice or a perky smile!


slommler said...

Fabulous darling! I love them and what a great idea!! I will have to check this out!
Have a wonderful day!

MissSnippy said...

I'm in a 'snippy' mood today, so might just give this a try!


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