Monday, November 30, 2009

This Week at Olive Writes

Just step out your door for a moment, if you please. Delicately sniff the air like a fawn on a morning of new fallen snow. It's there, isn't it? That whiff of holiday times as they sweep nearer and nearer to us, bringing on their wing much convivial atmosphere, toothsome goodies and packages full of hidden delights.

Yet, these glad times must be nurtured along with our own festive preparations, and so we busy ourselves in feverish anticipation. Olive is simply abuzz with ribbons that threaten to roll hither and thither, parcels precariously carried through wet winter weather and lists as long as those of Santa's workshop.

Speaking of workshops, this week Olive Writes becomes just that! With mirthful merriment and the efficiency of elves, we shall fashion our own gifts for those very close to our holiday hearts. Nothing too taxing, mind you! Elegance and simplicity - that is what we will aim for.

It's homemade gift week at Olive Writes!

Image: We Heart It


MissSkinty said...

I can hardly wait! Badly needing some inspiration for homespun gifts this year!

slommler said...

I too, have been busy at playing Santa. I did some shopping on line and circumvented the crowds at the malls. As the kids get older, I will move to more homemade. Grand kids that is.
Hope to see pics of your crafted treasures.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Due to the fact that I have been obsessed with Christmas elves for years - even going so far as to answer my cell phone saying "Erika the elf...what's your favorite color?!" for a full three months after seeing the film "Elf" - I could not be more thrilled for homemade gift week! What a fabulous idea! :)


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