Thursday, November 5, 2009

The J. Peterman Company

So much more than a Seinfeld reference, The J. Peterman Company's "Owner's Manual" catalogs express what we've all felt about an object, a piece of clothing at one time or another. With gentle illustrations, it's really the words that sell Mr. Peterman's goods. One minute you are that gamine girl who goes to Paris in that jacket, you can live an Out of Africa fantasy with those boots. Never trying to be up-to-date fashionable, these catalogs are exotic fantasties brought to life through "uncommonly good stuff." To see why Olive is swept away by the dear J. Peterman, enjoy her three favourite items and the words of the man himself.

Sabrina High Button Jacket

"When Sabrina was in France going to cooking school and soaking up some savoir-faire, one of her many mentors took her to an exclusive shop and bought this jacket for her.

(The part of the movie you didn't see.)"

Pleat Front Pant

"Charles de Gaulle Airport. The usual madhouse. I was waiting in line to check my luggage, wondering, as I usually do, if I will ever see it again. When I saw a most graceful pair of pants darting past me....I would imagine these would look good standing still."

20's Feathered Headband

"This item is handmade, as you might suppose. It's from a company making hats and accessories since the beginning of the 20th century. Well-known for high style and workmanship. Italian, of course. One picture, as they say, is worth…

You're not the life of the party. You are the party."

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Cafe Fashionista said...

That 20's Feathered Headband is just heavenly! I can actually picture Daisy Buchanan doing the Charleston with it sitting atop her head! Such a lovely find. :)


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