Friday, November 6, 2009

The Delight of Catalogs

Olive can't help herself. The Olive family tree is just bursting with lovers of mail-order catalogs! As a toddler, she waddled through piles of L.L Beans and Lillian Vernons, growing up with the delicious expectation of fresh, glossy ones to come. As a sensible, mature person do you think she's outgrown this pleasure? Hardly! Now it's all J.Crew and J.Peterman, Pedlars and Toast cramming the mailbox, being read before they're even in the door.

If you, too, fling aside the colourless bits of paper mail in favour of the delights within a catalog, you and Olive are going to get along just fine.

It's mail-order catalog time at Olive Writes.

Image: Rodney Smith

1 comment:

Cafe Fashionista said...

Since I have only received one mail-order catalog thus far - from Free People - I am spending a portion of today visiting websites and requesting more. I so love to flip through them right before drifting off to sleep! :)


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