Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Like its namesake, British catalog Toast is warmth and comfort, simplicity and ease. Olive loves the raw styling of its pages, which speak to her of a cabin on a breathless lake, a wild horse on a windswept moor, thick mugs and flannel sheets. Indeed, she wonders, what would a day of Toast look like? Perhaps as follows.

Jam, Marmalade and a Herringbone Napkin

Breakfast, not in bed, but tucked beside your little wood burning stove. The bread is thick, fresh. You cut two slices so as to try both the raspberry and the marmalade. Take a bite while the kettle boils!

Cord Skirt, Roslea Shirt, Wellies, Satchel

The house was stuffy and confining today and your writing was suffering from it. You crave fresh, biting air and a satisfying walk over hard ground. Just in case inspiration should strike, you fling a notepad and pencil in your satchel.

Flannel Gown and Pajamas

Yes, sir, you will sleep well tonight! That walk took you over hill and dale and all the way over to that nice shepherd's house by the river. He does make a good cup of hot cocoa. Still, you are glad to tuck in early tonight... Your feet demand it. Maybe a piece of toast before bed?

If still photos aren't enough for you, watch Toast's Winter '09 catalog come to life in this four minute film.


Cafe Fashionista said...

The second and third photographs remind me of something out of a Steinbeck novel. They're quite enchanting and charming. Though I'm especially smitten with that first picture. It makes me feel cozy! :)

albatross said...

So cozy! I want to live in a Toast catalogue!


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