Sunday, November 8, 2009


Olive almost wishes there was less to like about Pedlars, the too friendly, too fun and too fantastic mail-order catalog from Scotland. How on earth to choose what to feature, she wonders? Specializing in wholly unique objects for the home and beyond, including vintage items, Pedlars is the mail-order version (online or storefront, if you're in the UK) of a classic shop run by really jolly people. Not only do they love everything they sell you, their "never quibble guarantee" proves the won't hate you if change your mind.

As she could post an absolute riot of her favorite Pedlars finds, Olive appropriately chose three with a British theme. We hope they put you in the mood for a pot of tea and a biscuit.
I Love London Mugs

London Cityscape Tea Light Holder

I Love London Cushions

P.S. If you are a lazy music listener like Olive, the people at Pedlars have a great ear. Their music selections are usually far ahead of the curve, allowing you the satisfaction of appearing so as well.


Cafe Fashionista said...

The London mugs and London cushions are my two favorite things. I love the way that they work hand in hand with one another to create the ultimate cozy atmosphere. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the cityscape tea light holder! Could have them designed with cities from around the world, or custom to your own town??

Olive said...

What a good idea! Olive shall research...


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