Monday, September 6, 2010

Back at Last

So shall Olive begin with hellos or explanations? How about the 'hello'! Spring and summer whipped away in that swirling existence called life: studying and working, vacations and days in the sun...and one very broken computer. But those are excuses! Olive (me!) is happy to be back with her favourite folk at Olive Writes. Will you come back and join me? I hope so! I have some really splendid ideas for the coming months that I won't share with you now if only to tempt you back little by little. Send me notes of your best summer moments, as well as what is enticing you forward into fall.



slommler said...

I have to say that fall is trying to entice me...but I resist as I was so enjoying summer!! The sun and the heat and the blue blue skies. Oh it was heavenly!! New projects are now tugging me; nudging me forward. Looking forward to hearing your new ideas.

Anonymous said...

Best summer moments? Too many to mention! Visiting old friends, beach time, walks in the woods. And endless warm sunshine! Too sad to say good-bye to summer.


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