Monday, September 6, 2010

Eau de Olive

Lately, Olive has been pondering her fall wardrobe (sans the September issue of Vogue, which has yet to arrive). Boots are a must, as are some new jeans (oh the dread that accompanies a trip to find a new pair). Blazers, yes, and maybe one of those new field jackets to take me on those long walks across damp fields and misty woods. Yet, I think I am most interested in a more ephemeral accessory: perfume.

I've come to realize that a properly done outfit is not finished without a hint of jasmine, a dash of rose or a punch of citrus. Walking past someone perfumed in a pleasing eau de toilette leaves a lingering hint of personality or mood, as well as the obvious odoriferous pleasure (or displeasure, as your taste decrees).

As of right now, however, my perfume collection stands at one quickly emptying bottle of Vera Wang's Princess. Lovingly squirted on neck and wrists and entrenched in nearly all my clothes, it will be used up with regret. Of course, this means it's time for a new bottle!

And so, what do you suggest? Nothing too heavy, but not too young, either. Feminine, but not cloying. Sweet, but not sickly so.

I await your help.

1 comment:

slommler said...

Donna Karan's newest scent is lovely! And my old stand by is it's rich, spicy scent. I love my perfumes!! Always have them on!!


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