Friday, October 15, 2010

Bit of a Ramble...

Got into a spot of trouble at the post office yesterday... As I have, perhaps foolhardily, resubscribed to a number of lapsed magazine subscriptions (and added a number more, too) my wee little box was crammed full with October/November issues when I excitedly wrenched it open yesterday evening. So full was it that, at the risk of losing a nail, I had to get down on my knees and actually yank my Vogue, W, and Town & Country out from their metal prison. Unfortunately, there was a casualty: Martha fell back into the abyss of the post office sorting area! I was saved by my friendly postman who cheerily trotted back to get her.

Anyway, this story leads me in a round about way to today's post: "What I Gleaned From the September Issue of Vogue (so far)." Having all these new magazines has led me to frantically finish September's (or I will be reading about Christmas trees in February).

What I have discovered is the Conde Nast Store, a very extensive resource of art prints from the magazine conglomerate that can be bought online (and framed, to boot). For example, they offer:

Pretty darn stylish, I must say. They also have a blog that offers "an insider's view into the wealth of images" held in the collection.

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slommler said...

I love getting my monthly magazines but they are also the bane of my existence!! I work hard to finish them before the next month rolls around! Sigh! It is hard work!


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