Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Garden Mystery

The sun was high and bright today, the crisp air a needed tonic from weekend chores when I decided to pop outside for a spot of gardening. I thought I might push 'round some fallen leaves, scrape the trowel over some weeds, and feel generally invigorated by outdoor work. With the boots on and hair piled out of the way, I was mighty surprised to step outside and find my little plot overgrown with these pesky weeds:

Piggiwiggia Pyramidalis Phattfacia Stupenda

Cockatooca Superba Bottlephorkia Spoonifolia

An invasive species, wouldn't you say! A bit of research has turned up their Latin roots, but I wonder if their literal stocks will be harder to yank out? And I wonder if any of you have experienced a blight of Cockatooca Superba or Bottlephorkia Spoonifolia? Shall we make it into a little game? Yes, we shall. The first reader to correctly identify the origins of this bit of verdure gets a well-deserved mention!


slommler said...

I don't know of the origins but the drawings are wonderful!! I don't know if I would pull these or just stand back and enjoy!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, you have so cheered me with this post today! Between the whimsical drawings and words, I am smitten!! :)


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